MP3sXTreme 1.2

Tap into the power of internet radio and take control of your music collection
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Spunky Monkey Inc.

MP3sXtreme™ is the revolutionary new software title that lets you receive and record hundreds of thousands of digital MP3 music files on your PC - just like a TIVO™ for Digital Music. With MP3sXtreme you can download over 24 hours of music in less than 90 minutes. That's 16 CDs worth of music every hour. With our new 16-channel tuner you can stream twice the channels of any other application! Don't risk yourself and your family with questionable file-sharing programs. MP3sXtreme doesn't share files. That means no searching, no spyware, no viruses, no uploads draining your bandwidth, no fake files, and most importantly, no lawyers knocking on your door! Every MP3 is legal, free, and of uncompromised quality, straight from the source.

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